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Published on Febuary 12th, 2024 by Andrew Dear, Founder of WebCull
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In web design and development the right color tools are indispensable. Not only do they enhance visual appeal but also significantly impact user experience and accessibility. From creating attractive layouts to ensuring readability, color tools play a pivotal role in every designer’s toolkit. This article explores some of the most awesome color tools in the industry, offering insights into their features and how they can elevate your projects.


ColorLeap: Journey Through History's Color Palettes

ColorLeap offers a unique and vivid exploration of historical color palettes. Its main feature allows users to travel through different eras, observing and utilizing color schemes that defined various periods in history. For instance, the page dedicated to the year 2000 BC presents palettes that reflect the hues and tones prevalent during that time like Sarcophagus, Noble Man, Hidden Tomb, and more. This journey through color history is not only an artistic endeavor but also an educational one, providing insights into the cultural and historical significance of colors.

Screenshot of ColorLeap

The website’s interface is designed for intuitive navigation, encouraging users to explore various epochs and their associated colors. It's a resource that appeals to designers, artists, and history enthusiasts alike. By showcasing color palettes from different time periods, ColorLeap acts as a bridge connecting the past's artistic expressions with today’s creative pursuits.

ColorLeap is more than just a color selection tool; it's a time machine that offers a sensory experience of history through the lens of color. It stands as a testament to the enduring influence of color in human civilization and a valuable resource for those seeking inspiration from the past.


Colorable: Focuses on color contrast for accessible and readable color combinations.

Colorable is a dynamic color contrast tool designed to help identify accessible color combinations. It focuses on evaluating the contrast between colors in real time on a page with template content, to ensure they comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which is crucial for creating designs that are readable and accessible to a wide range of users, including those with visual impairments.

Screenshot of Colorable

The tool allows users to view random color combinations or input specific colors to test their contrast ratio. It provides immediate pass/fail scores based on WCAG accessibility guidelines, helping designers make informed decisions about color choices in their projects. Colorable’s ability to adjust properties like hue, saturation, and lightness make it easy to fine tune color choices while seeing a demo page that is dynamically updated with the color choices.

Colorable emphasizes the importance of accessible color decisions in design. Whether for new brands or existing palettes, it highlights the designer’s responsibility to consider how color choices affect accessibility. It’s an easy-to-use tool that addresses a vital aspect of design, ensuring that color combinations are distinguishable and meet the necessary accessibility standards.

It’s a highly valuable tool for designers and developers looking to ensure their websites, applications, and publications look good while being accessible to all users. Colorable offers a practical and efficient solution to test and refine color combinations in line with measurable accessibility guidelines.


Color Hunt: Platform for discovering and sharing color palettes.

Color Hunt is a popular, free, and open platform for color inspiration, offering thousands of trendy, hand-picked color palettes. It is renowned for its user-friendly interface and its extensive, diverse collection of curated color palettes created by talented designers.

Screenshot of Color Hunt

Here’s a detailed look at its features and aspects based on the gathered information:

  • User-Generated Content: Color Hunt allows designers and color enthusiasts to create and submit their own color palettes using its palette creator. This feature ensures that the platform constantly evolves, reflecting the creativity of its global community.
  • Curation Process: Despite the open submission process, Color Hunt maintains high quality through meticulous curation. Experienced curators review each submission, ensuring that only the most inspiring and visually captivating color palettes are included.
  • Ease of Use: The platform is celebrated for its straightforward and easy-to-navigate website, making it accessible to designers of all experience levels. Each palette includes one-click to copy hex codes for easy implementation in designs.
  • Engagement: Color Hunt employs a like system that accumulates like counts from their community as well as storing personally liked palettes in the browser’s local storage, avoiding the need for account creation.

Color Hunt’s user-friendly nature and its vast collection of curated color palettes make it a valuable resource for designers seeking color inspiration. Its emphasis on community involvement, its many features, and regular updates ensure that it remains a relevant and dynamic tool in the design world.


Pigment by Shape Factory: Advanced tools for creating and customizing color palettes.

Pigment by Shape Factory is a distinctive color palette generator that stands out for its unique approach to creating color combinations. Unlike traditional tools, Pigment derives its palettes from the interplay of lighting and pigments. This method results in vibrant and dynamic colors that can be tweaked based on lightness, offering an organic and visually striking selection for various design projects. Once you’ve selected your palette it offers some impressive additional features such as palette downloading in various formats, a gradient visualizer, a logo maker, and more.

Screenshot of Pigment by Shape Factory

Key aspects of Pigment by Shape Factory include:

  • The tool produces a seemingly infinite variety of lively color schemes that can add a significant visual impact to any design.
  • Inspirational Palettes: The color combinations created by Pigment are not just random; they are crafted to inspire and evoke emotions, making them particularly useful for projects requiring a specific mood or aesthetic.
  • Simple Integration: The tool allows for easy integration of its color palettes into popular design software by providing downloadable files and color values in HEX, RGB, and Pantone formats.
  • Pigment by Shape Factory is part of a set of design tools provided by ShapeFactory, which also includes tools for logo creation, gradient generation, Duotone which shades Unsplash images based on your selected pallet, and a shareable URL to the pallet. These tools are designed to enrich the creative process for designers at all skill levels.

Overall, Pigment by Shape Factory is more than just a color palette generator; it’s a source of inspiration for anyone looking to add a unique touch of color to their projects. Its simplicity, coupled with the depth of its color generation, makes it an invaluable tool in the creative arsenal of designers and artists.


Random A11Y: Focuses on accessibility, offering tools for creating accessible color combinations.

Randoma11y emerges as a fascinating tool with a dual-purpose interface, distinguished by its domain nuances. At "www.randoma11y.com" users encounter a straightforward and highly simple interactive experience, where they can actively engage by upvoting and downvoting color pairs. This aspect fosters a community-driven approach to assessing color combinations, emphasizing user preference and collective aesthetics.

Screenshot of Randoma11y

Contrastingly, "randoma11y.com" devoid of the 'www', presents an alternate version. Here, the focus shifts to a more demonstrative approach, displaying random color palettes without the interactive voting feature. Instead, this version serves as a visual showcase, offering a sudo page that emphasizes the practical application of the color schemes.

This dual-interface approach, although unconventional, addresses two practical use cases of a color picker. While one version leans towards community interaction and collective decision-making, the other offers a straightforward, visual representation of color palettes curated by the community, useful for quick inspiration and design ideas.

Randoma11y stands out not just for its simplicity and focus on color randomness, but also for its unique web presence, challenging traditional norms in web design and functionality. This tool caters to both interactive engagement and passive exploration, making it a noteworthy addition to the toolkit of designers and developers alike.

The tools we’ve explored - Colorable, Color Hunt, Pigment by Shape Factory, Random A11Y, and ColorLeap - each play a unique role in the realm of web design and development. They offer diverse functionalities, from creating harmonious color schemes to ensuring accessibility, catering to the varied needs of the design community. Incorporating these tools into your workflow can significantly enhance the visual and functional aspects of your projects, making them not only aesthetically pleasing but also accessible and user-friendly.

For more color pickers and tools, save our Color Palettes Collection in WebCull for easy access to the tools listed in this article and dozens of others. It's designed to provide users with easy access to these tools, enhancing their experience and efficiency in web design and development. Additionally, you can learn more about Collections by WebCull for a broader understanding of its capabilities and offerings.

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