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Collect the web

Save, organize, and share the web from anywhere.

Organize links from around the web into neatly stacked folders.

  • Folders are displayed as parallel stacks.
  • Organize bookmarks into unlimited folders.
  • Imported bookmarks maintain their structure.
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Access your links from anywhere.

  • Works on mobile, tablet, and pc.
  • Automatically syncs between devices.
  • Nothing required to be installed.
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The WebCull bookmark manager opened in a PC, tablet and mobile device.

Search within the content of your links.

  • Search by tag, title and keywords.
  • Keywords are sourced from the website.
  • You can also search within folders.
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Share your folders as Collections.

  • Create a shareable URL for any folder.
  • Add password protection to the URL.
  • Bookmarked Collections load as a folder.
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A demonstration of what it will look like when the WebCull extension icon is present in the browser.

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Quickly save a web page link that you're currently visiting using the Save to WebCull browser extension.

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Have your privacy taken seriously.

  • We never share, sell, or trade your bookmarks or information.
  • Protected by multilayered encryption and stringent security protocols.
  • No ads, no tracking, and no marketing emails.
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A privcay lock that represents a privacy-focused experience with zero ads and no tracking.

WebCull Features An alternate WebCull logo Our mission to create a better bookmark manager.

A PC, tablet and mobile device


A bookmark manager that you can access with any browser, any device, any where, any time.
A list of folders that are side-by-side


Organize your bookmarks into stacks just like you would in your browser bookmark manager folders.
A box with an arrow pointing into it representing things being imported into WebCull


Import your bookmarks from your current manager with all folders, titles and tags preserved.
A finger pressing a button


Access your bookmarks using keyboard shortcuts in a multitude of ways for increased productivity.
A magnifying glass glass that is also a loading icon


A powerful search tool that searches all information including keywords sourced from the actual websites.
A computer monitor with a plus icon in it


Create an aesthetically pleasing bookmark page with beautiful backgrounds provided by Unsplash.
Two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down


All instances of WebCull automatically update live as they're changed from other devices or browsers.
A puzzle piece


To increase productivity easily save links that you want to hang on to without leaving the website.
An antenna that is broadcasting something


Easily convert a folder of your choise into a Collection with bookmarks you want your friends and colleagues to see.
An arrow pointing down to a bar


Completely customize the appearance and functionality of your account with installable apps.
Pastel drawing of planet earth with stars and aura behind it
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WebCull is an ad-free, privacy-focused bookmark manager that you can access from any browser or device.
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