WebCull - Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about WebCull by reading some frequently asked questions from our users.

How is WebCull different?

  • WebCull is the only bookmark manager that organizes folders into stacked lists, providing a focused environment to organize bookmarks.
  • It has majorly improved search functionality that reaches far outside of just searching title, tags and bookmark URL.
  • All your bookmarks are available from the web, in any modern browser or device, without needing to install anything.
  • We are private and encrypted; we're a privacy-focused bookmark manager that uses a subscription model for revenue, not your data.
  • We didn't try to completely reinvent what a bookmark manager is, only augment it, staying true to what a bookmark manager actually is.
  • You have a sharing feature that lets you share folders with your colleagues, friends, and family with custom WebCull URLs.
  • You can completely alter the look of the bookmark manager, make it into a toolbar popup, set it as a new tab page, and access everything with a ton of shortcut keys.

Why do I need to register or choose a username?

  • The registration is there so that the information you have saved within the app (bookmarks, etc...) is password protected and retrievable using password recovery measures.
  • WebCull can be signed into multiple accounts at a time. From the login page, we give you a full list of currently logged in accounts where your username is displayed and not your email. Your username is also displayed at the top of your main bookmark folder so that you are sure about what account is currently logged in.

Is this an open-source app?

For better security, WebCull is not open-source. Banks don't open-source their websites, and we don't open-source our bookmark manager. We understand that in some cases open-source can increase security but this is not always the case. We would also not like to be copied with the click of a button, this project takes a lot of work to develope and making profit is absolutely required for it to continue.

Is there a browser extension or app that I can download?

  • We do have browser extensions in almost every major browser. Learn more
  • We currently do not have a phone app but our bookmark manager has been rigorously optimized for mobile browsers. We plan on launching phone apps in the near future.

Can I import my bookmarks from my current browser?

Yes, all your bookmarks and folders can be imported into WebCull. Simply create an account and navigate to the settings from the icon located at the top right of the screen. Then look for the import option and follow the instructions. Likewise, you can also export your bookmarks at any time in multiple formats for free. Learn more

Will I be able to export my bookmarks if needed?

Yes, exporting is just as easy as importing. Simply navigate to your settings, look for the export option and follow the instructions. Learn more

Is it possible to search by tag?

Absolutely, WebCull prioritizes tags in the search feature and provides a dedicated location to enter tags when accessing a bookmark. Our bookmark manager always tries to provide valueable search results. So if you haven't prvided a bookmark a tag yet, you can still find what you're looking for becuase it also searches through everything else, such as title, url, and sourced content.

What happens to my data?

WebCull is a privacy-focused bookmark manager. What this means is:

  • We will never share/sell/trade your information with any third-parties. That goes for your bookmarks or any other information you have stored in the bookmark manager.
  • We protect your data with encryption at rest and in transit.
  • We scan our system for malware and other potential threats on a regular basis.

Is this free? Will I ever need to pay? How do you make money?

WebCull has a free plan that lets you save up to 200 bookmarks and make 50 folders. We make money from subscriptions for premium features like unlimited bookmarks, unlimited sharable folders, custom backgrounds, and more. For more details see our pricing page.

Can I trust that you will still be around years from now?

You can absolutely trust that we are here to stay. Our base expenses are already well covered by our revenue and we're growing fast. Our game plan is to grow in a very conservative and self-sustaining method. We do this by keeping our expenses so low that we can survive almost anything the economy throws at us. For us that means no loans, debts, or high expenses.

Have your privacy taken seriously

  • We never share, sell, or trade your bookmarks or information.
  • No ads, no tracking, and no marketing emails.
  • Always encrypted with https, and AES-256-GCM end-to-end encryption (E2EE) available.
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A privcay lock that represents a privacy-focused experience with zero ads and no tracking.

WebCull Features An alternate WebCull logo Our mission to create a better bookmark manager.

A PC, tablet and mobile device

Web App.

A bookmark manager that you can access with any browser, any device, any where, any time.
A list of folders that are side-by-side


Organize your bookmarks into stacks just like you would in your browser bookmark manager folders.
A box with an arrow pointing into it representing things being imported into WebCull


Import your bookmarks from your current manager with all folders, titles and tags preserved.
A finger pressing a button


Access your bookmarks using keyboard shortcuts in a multitude of ways for increased productivity.
A magnifying glass that is also a loading icon


A powerful search tool that searches all information including keywords sourced from the actual websites.
A computer monitor with a plus icon in it


Create an aesthetically pleasing bookmark page with beautiful backgrounds provided by Unsplash.
Two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down


All instances of WebCull automatically update live as they're changed from other devices or browsers.
A puzzle piece


To increase productivity easily save links that you want to hang on to without leaving the website.
An antenna that is broadcasting something


Easily convert a folder of your choise into a Collection with bookmarks you want your friends and colleagues to see.
Data encoded with a password


Keep your data private, even from us, with our end-to-end encryption data security feature.