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Want more out of your bookmark manager?

Easily add new features to your experience

Apps plug into the WebCull bookmark manager to provide completely new and exciting functionality and aesthetics.

Apps can modify the interface to add functionality

Each individual may want a different experience out of a bookmark manager. With Apps, this is now possible without overwhelming the default interface with lots of buttons and features.

Apps can bring completely new experiences to the table

We believe it's important to have fun and play around sometimes and apps make this easier than ever.

The user interface for the WebCull app developer hub, where apps are published.

WebCull App Store is a new feature

So we haven't created a lot of apps yet but there's a few. We will be making a lot more soon and will open app development to the public to let anyone create an app.

Give it a try in the free WebCull bookmark manager.

The app store is just one of the many things available in WebCull. Sign up now if you haven't already to start experiencing the best bookmark manager on the web.

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