Import Bookmarks

How does it work?

It's really easy to import bookmarks into WebCull. Unlike most of the recent online bookmark managers out there, we uphold the same standards kept by browsers since the days of Netscape. Meaning all your links, folders, notes and tags will be transferred just as they were in your browser bookmark manager. So if you've ever changed browsers, or did a backup, you will already be familiar on how to import your bookmarks into WebCull.

Some resources

To find out how to export the bookmarks from your current browser bookmark manager we have found some of the best resources online. Likewise, if you search your browser name and "how to export bookmarks" you can find more options.

Exporting from your browser

Depending on the browser you use, change the instructions on how to do the export slightly. Wiki How provides some excellent instruction on how to export your bookmarks out of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. Here are the direct links to the instrcutions:







Safari & iCloud


Importing into WebCull

To import into WebCull:
1) navigate to your account
2) go to the settings using the gear at the top right of the screen
3) click the import button
4) select the export file you created
5) wait for it to finish
6) click the refresh button when it appears

We're here to help

If you're having any problems importing, hit us up on Twitter and we'll give you a hand.

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