Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than any standard bookmark manager built into a browser?

1) The UI is a lot better which contributes to a more functional and aesthetically pleasing experience.
2) It has improved search functionality that reaches far outside of just searching title, tags and bookmark URL.
3) Ease of access has been improved by making all your bookmarks available from a website that works everywhere.
4) Private and encrypted; we're a privacy focused bookmark manager that will never use your bookmarks to sell you stuff.
5) You can share folders with your colleagues, friends and family.

Why do I need to register?

The registration is there so that the information you have saved within the app (bookmarks, etc...) is password protected and retrievable using password recovery measures.

Why do I need to choose a username, if you already have my email?

WebCull can be signed into multiple accounts at a time. From the login page, we give you a full list of currently logged in accounts where your username is displayed and not your email. Your username is also displayed at the top of your main bookmark stack so that you are sure about what account is currently logged in.

Is this an open-source app?

For better security the backend server-side part of our service is not open-source, neither is our website front-end interface. On the other hand, our Chrome and Firefox extensions are now open source and located here Github.

Is there a browser extension or app that I can download?

There is but they are really new so be nice please.
Firefox Extension
Chrome Extension

Can I import my bookmarks from my current browser?

Yes, all your bookmarks and folders can be imported into WebCull with ease. Simply create an account and navigate to the settings from the icon located at the top right of the screen. Then look for the import option and follow the instructions.

Will I be able to export my bookmarks if needed?

Yes, exporting is just as easy as importing. Simply navigate to your settings, look for the export option and follow the instructions.

Is it possible to search by tag?

Absolutely, whenever you select a link, the link details are open to the right of the stack. There you will find a text area where you can enter the tags of your choice. Whenever you search for a bookmark it first checks to see if there's a tag created for it and offers them as high priority search results.

What happens to my data (Bookmarks, Email, etc...)?

WebCull is a privacy-focused bookmark tool. What this means is we will never share/sell/trade your information with any third parties. And that goes for your bookmarks or any other information you have stored on WebCull as well. Furthermore, we have 3 layers of encryption protecting your data and scan our system of malware on a regular basis.

Is this free? Will I ever need to pay? How do you make money?

WebCull is and always will be free. So far we only ask for donations. So if you feel this software has helped you feel free to help us back by donating here. We have a lot of ideas for funding that don't involve sharing personal info or tracking users but that is not our main focus at the moment.