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Search engines have come a long way over the years. There was a time before we "Googled" things, that searching the web was so unreliable that we just wouldn't bother. Google single-handedly changed that for us by making a search engine that usually comes up with highly targeted and relevant results. Since then, there hasn't been much innovation in search engines until now. We believe we have come up with a pivotal contribution to how you use, search and even think about the web.

The problem.

When you use a search engine, it's likely because you're searching for something specific that you don't currently have. But where's the search engine for when you want to find something that you've found in the past. You could try to find it again but what if you didn't find the link on a search engine in the first place. What if the link doesn't come up from any of the keywords you try to find it with. You could bookmark the site to be able to have access to it later, but what happens when eventually you end up with hundreds or thousands of bookmarks. Where is the search engine for links that you've bookmarked? If you're thinking right now, "bookmark manager's already have search engines" you're greatly mistaken.

Bookmark managers besides WebCull do often offer a search feature but the results of the searches are so unreliable they are basically useless. This is because they have used only a few variables as a source for the searching process. When you enter a keyword, it searches the title of the link, the text in the URL, and your tags (if you created any) and that's it. The problem with that is a lot of sites don't contain all the keywords that pertain to them within that data. If you're a vigilant bookmark tagger (which most people aren't) you're still likely to be very inconsistent with defining consistent tags for something from one month to the next, year after year. So sadly bookmarks are lost and you give up on what you're looking for.

What's the solution?

WebCull adds an extra variable to the search equation that is a game-changer. Instead of just relying on the title, URL, and tags for keywords, WebCull parses keywords from the website itself. So now when you search your bookmarks, it's more like you're searching the web, except it's not the whole web, just your little corner of it.

In summary.

Your bookmarks are just like a web directory but just containing links for stuff that matters to you. Before Google came around, web directories were still a very popular semi-effective way of finding a website. Stuff that looked like this dmoz.org, a site that has been shut down for years but was once one of the largest directories on the internet. Many directories sites like this have since shut down with good reason, the internet is just too large to categorize the whole thing and it's clunky to navigate such a large dataset in directory format. This can even become the case for your bookmarks which is why our search engine technology built into WebCull is a pivotal change to bookmark manager technology.

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