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Without having to sift through a long list of bookmarks or search results.

Search customized titles, tags, and notes

Search for bookmarks using url, title, keywords, tags, notes, and other meta data so that you can find what you're looking for more quickly. This can be particularly useful those who have a large number of bookmarks, as it doesn't require you to sift through a long list of bookmarks.

Search within the content of the bookmarked website

One of WebCull's most innovative search features is the ability to search within bookmark content itself. This is made possible by a process of parsing the website being bookmarked and creating a keyword heatmap to be used during the search. By searching within the content of the bookmark, you can still find what you're looking for even if you didn't save a tag on it.

Jump to the location of the bookmark in your folder structure

Have you ever forgot where you put a bookmark and had to spend a lot of time looking for it? WebCull's "Open Location" feature allows you to quickly jump to the location of the bookmark in your folder structure.

Jump Straight Into Action!

By focusing on efficient search features, WebCull saves you time and provides a remarkably convenient tool for managing bookmarks across multiple devices and browsers.

There's another way to bring up with you're looking for fast!

Autocomplete lets you bring up bookmarks and folders in a long list with just a few key presses. Just begin typing the title, and matching entries will appear as you input each letter.

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A PC, tablet and mobile device


A bookmark manager that you can access with any browser, any device, any where, any time.
A list of folders that are side-by-side


Organize your bookmarks into stacks just like you would in your browser bookmark manager folders.
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Import your bookmarks from your current manager with all folders, titles and tags preserved.
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Access your bookmarks using keyboard shortcuts in a multitude of ways for increased productivity.
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A powerful search tool that searches all information including keywords sourced from the actual websites.
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Create an aesthetically pleasing bookmark page with beautiful backgrounds provided by Unsplash.
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All instances of WebCull automatically update live as they're changed from other devices or browsers.
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To increase productivity easily save links that you want to hang on to without leaving the website.
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Easily convert a folder of your choise into a Collection with bookmarks you want your friends and colleagues to see.
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Completely customize the appearance and functionality of your account with installable apps.
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