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Where we started

The WebCull bookmark manager loaded on laptop, tablet, and mobile phone

It started as a simple idea. Let's improve upon the browser bookmark manager. What's currently out there is old, archaic and unreliable. So we had to make a choice about what our first step was going to be. What was the minimum amount of development needed to take our first punch at solving this problem? We decided it would be most convenient if our app simply worked from a browser because websites don't need to be installed, they can work from almost any device, and they only need an internet connection (something a bookmark manager needs by default anyway).

Why a Web-App?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the line between what's software and what's a website has blurred. Websites have evolved from being mostly static mediums for information with rare dynamic functionality to becoming rich dynamic environments that work just like computer software. The web browser can often be a suitable environment for activities that only software used to be able to provide. We found this to be the case especially for bookmark managers since they are relatively simple and so interwound with the web anyway.

The numbers

A list of world wide OS market share: Android (40%), Windows (35%), iOS (14%), OS X (8%), Unknown (1%), Linux (1%)
Source: https://gs.statcounter.com/os-market-share

Accessibility is among one of our top priorities, which is why creating a web-based bookmark manager was our first choice. By doing this we chose to support every OS, every computer, every browser, in one step. We like those numbers not just for our personal growth but for the accessibility we provide to our users. It's important that no matter where you are, you're just a simple browser tab away from your bookmark list.

A new standard

Complete accessibility is the standard that we want to set from the very beginning, a standard that is not met by using a regular bookmark manager even with sync on. There should never be a piece of software that you're required to download just to access your bookmarks, not even if it's a specific browser. Instead, any browser that is currently installed on a device by default should be enough.

Your freedom of choice

Bookmarks are your personal belongings, which is why you should not be tied up into using any specific software to access them. By providing your bookmarks through a Web-App we leave you with the freedom of having the final choice of what software you wish to use to load your bookmark manager from. This baseline freedom is one of the things that makes WebCull so great.

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