WebCull Bookmark Manager Extensions

The easiest way to save bookmarks to WebCull without leaving the site you're on.

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With the click of a button...

Any website you're currently visiting can be saved to your WebCull bookmark manager account. After saving a link, when you visit that site again, the extension icon will indicate that you have saved this bookmark.

Easily move bookmarks around

With the simplicity of plain-text and the power of autocomplete search, you can navigate your bookmark folders easily to find the perfect home for your bookmark.

Customize your Tags with autocomplte.

Use tags to make your bookmarks more searchable from a given keyword. Autocomplete your tags from a list of all unique tags that you have used in the past.

Switch accounts in seconds

If you have multiple accounts or share a computer with someone, easily switching account when bookmarking something is extreamly useful and easier than ever with WebCull.

The WebCull privacy lock

We do not track the websites you visit.

The extension is fully open source and intended for the sole purpose to make WebCull easier to use. It follows the same privacy policy WebCull uses, meaning zero-ads and zero-tracking.

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The WebCull bookmark manager extension is here to make it even easier to use WebCull from your browser. Save to WebCull without ever needing to navigate away from the website you're on.

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