Collections - A sharing tool in WebCull

We've done it! You've been asking for a sharing tool within our bookmark manager and here it is. A revolutionary yet simple way to share the links you collect around the web using your bookmark manager.

The Collection dropdown dialog window with a share URL, an optional password, and publish controls to enable or disable the collection.

Choose a public URL.

Pick any URL you want if it's available and share it with the world. Anyone with the URL will be able to see the content of the folder but only you can edit it.

Add password protection.

Add a password to your Collection to keep make sure your links are secure incase someone random were to stumble across it.

The password protection dialog that the Collection visitor would see it is password protected
A simple Collection folder with a list of URL's, as an example of a Collection that has been shared.

Customizable your Collection header.

Add a title and description to your Collection and easily change the icon.

Embeddable widgets.

Just like a YouTube video or SoundCloud song, Collections can be easily embedded on your site using the share button.

Collection Inner Loading

The share URL from a Collection seamlessly integrates into your bookmarks.

An example of how you can add a Collection to your bookmark manager and it opens up just like a folder.

Community Collection's

Here are some more examples of Collections created by our community members.

Collections are accessible to anyone with a web browser, with or without a WebCull account. All you need to do is share the URL you create from anywhere such as social media, from your blog, or direct message. This makes it easier than ever to aggregate and consolidate resources found around the web to share them with others.

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