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WebCull was created as a once in for all solution to bookmark management. We have concentrated on some of the important issues that others seem to have skipped. For one, our focus was not to change the behavior of how you use your current browser bookmark manager, only augment and improve it.

They say "never fix what ain't broke", so we didn't. Instead, we took what has worked great for years and made improvements to it. This quickly took off into an exploration of brainstorming about what bookmarks are and how we currently manage and use them.

So the question is, are the built-in bookmark managers we've been using all these years to organize and access links good enough? We don't think so, and we would go as far as to say that this tech has been majorly neglected. Other solutions like ours have vastly different designs and purposes from the traditional concept of a browser bookmark manager. No one before us is out to simply improve the user experience and quality of a normal bookmark manager.

It's not something we think we will solve overnight but we believe we have tackled some of the most important issues already. Such as accessibility, ease of use, improved searching, and aesthetic appeal. This is where we started and will continue to work towards.

Who are the founders of WebCull?

WebCull was founded and is operated by Andrew Dear, he is an entrepreneur, software developer, and designer with over 20 years of experience. He has a passion for technology and has a long history in the creation of a vast amount of software products.

One of Andrew's good friends from high school Peter Forest is a co-founder of WebCull. He has a passion for technology and the ideation process. He along with Andrew has funded the development of WebCull.

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